Bathroom renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Multiple Tasks To Obtain Single Result – Renovating Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom renovation, it involves several tasks. Interestingly all these tasks are interrelated with each other. A tiny fault in a single task can affect the success of the others. In includes plumbing, designing, demolition, fixing, installation, electrical, waterproofing and many others.

As a renowned name in the industry of bathroom renovations and designs, Leno's Renos Wall & Floor Tiling is ready to offer you complete service as per your bathroom renovation requirements in Western Sydney, Baulkham Hills, and Blacktown.

Full Bathroom Renovation – Enjoy Your Time While We Are Doing Our Work

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of any construction. Be it commercial or residential – a good bathroom is required. Sometimes, the old one in your building needs some changes and you start looking for bathroom renovations service. This is a very critical and interesting part of a construction project. We are confident enough to perform all the tasks correctly to offer you full bathroom renovation service, as per your requirement and budget.

What Exactly We Do

1. We inspect your bathroom once you call us for this

2. Our experts check the condition of the bathroom and suggest you the changes

3. Then they create a renovation plan and work according to the same.

From Beginning To End – We Are Here To Handle Everything

Since we have the knowledge and experience, we can handle critical tasks that are involved in the process of bathroom renovation. Be it the demolition of the old one or the application of waterproofing membrane; we are ready to offer our expertise at every step.

Few Tasks That We Do For Bathroom Renovation Projects

We disconnect all the accessible fixtures in your bathroom before starting the renovation.

Then demolish the bathroom and remove the debris.

After that, we start the repositioning and reinstallation of pipes, and fixtures, toilet, sink taps, bath showers along with the sewage system.

In many cases, we need to install the new items as per the desires of the clients too.

We take care of the ventilation, heating, and lighting in the bathroom.

We try to deliver the of best quality tiles and waterproofing

We install attractive and fashionable shower screens

That means whenever you need a complete bathroom renovation service, you can call us and obtain the perfect solution within your budget.

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